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Principle and reasons for use of the Metal separator

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The Metal separator is suitable for metal detection and separation of raw materials, degraded materials, and recycled materials in the plastics, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics, and electrical industries. It can quickly detect and automatically separate iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metal impurities from materials. It can also be installed on injection molding machines, extruders, and other equipment. Next, we take a look at the principle of the Free fall metal separator and the reasons for its use. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the principle of the Metal separator?

  • Why use the Metal separator?

metal separator

What is the principle of the Metal separator?

The Metal separator applies the principle of electromagnetic sensing to detect metals. All metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, are detected with high sensitivity. The entry of ferromagnetic metals into the detection area affects the distribution of magnetic lines in the detection area and thus the magnetic flux in a fixed range. The entry of non-ferromagnetic metals into the detection area will produce an eddy current effect, which will also change the magnetic field distribution in the detection area, usually, the Metal separator consists of two parts, the Metal separator and the automatic rejection device, of which the detector is the core part. The detector has three sets of coils, a central transmitter coil, and two reciprocal receiver coils, which generate a high-frequency variable magnetic field through an oscillator connected to the central transmitter coil. Once metal contaminants enter the magnetic field area and the magnetic field is disturbed, this equilibrium is broken and the induced voltages of the two receiver coils cannot be canceled out. The uncancelled induced voltages are amplified by the control system and an alarm signal is generated (metal contaminants detected). The system can then use this alarm signal to actuate an automatic reject device, for example, to remove the metal contamination from the line.

Why use the Metal separator?

The Metal separator can also be used for the detection of metal contaminants before and after entering the crusher. If the product contains moisture, the Gravity metal separator needs to be integrated with the product effect compression function to avoid false detection of the product metal.

The Metal separator automatically detects and discharges metallic contaminants from the free-falling material and allows the clean product to pass freely through the exclusion device. When a contaminant is present in the falling product stream, the contaminant changes the rating area generated by the detection coil and the electronic system calculates this signal and sends a pulse to the solenoid coil, excluding the vapor-driven air column in the unit. In this way, the contaminants are detached from the quality raw material bundle and small losses of quality raw material are ensured: the same metal particles are present and the exclusion time is adjusted to ensure that the raw material is free of contamination.

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