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Applications of the metal detector

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The metal detector can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, clothing, toy paper, hygiene products, electronics, recycling industry, etc. It is suitable for detecting broken needles, wire, and metals mixed or left together with products and raw materials. The use of metal detectors can help relevant companies to pass HACCP, GMP, FDA, QS, and ISO9001 certifications. Next, let's take a look at the applications for the conveyor metal detector. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The metal detector is widely used.

  • A metal detector in the food industry.

The metal detector is widely used.

The metal detector is widely used. There are three main categories: electromagnetic induction, X-ray detection, and microwave detection, which are electronic instruments for detecting metal and can be used in a variety of applications. In the military, metal detectors are used to detect metal mines. In the security field, they can detect weapons and crime tools that are carried or concealed. In archaeology, it can be used to detect buried metal objects in ancient tombs and find gold, silver, jewelry, or other metal objects. In engineering, it can be used to detect buried underground metal objects such as pipes, pipelines, etc. In mineral exploration, it can be used to detect and find natural gold particles. In industry, it can be used for online monitoring, such as removing metallic debris from cotton, coal, food, etc. Food metal detector can also be used as a tool to carry out youth defense education and science activities and is also a fun and entertaining toy, especially in recent years, European and American countries have made personal interest type metal detector widely popular, evolving metal detecting activities into the metal detector has become a part of outdoor sports.

A metal detector in the food industry.

In the food industry, the Belt metal detector is mainly used for the detection of metal contaminants, and there are two types of metal detector for food: belt type and pipe type. The belt type is the conveyor belt, the food is put on the belt through the probe if the metal impurities will be alarmed and stopped or eliminated. The pipeline type is mainly a free-fall type, where the food falls freely, passes through the detector, and is alarmed and then discharged.

The metal detector for food products is the best in Germany, while foreign products in China are mainly made in Japan. The Japanese are very strict about the metal requirements for food, and most of the domestic products do not meet the standards proposed by them in Chinese food processing, and some special food products do not meet the requirements even for German products, such as fresh meat, salted vegetables, and canned food. The metal detector is electromagnetic in principle and is susceptible to interference, and the standards for test blocks are generally set by the manufacturer.

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