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Handheld Raman spectrometer for Pharmaceutical Mater Analyze

COSO photoelectric hand-held pharmaceutical analyzer TruGuarder is a fast,reliable and low-cost substance identification instrument that can help pharmaceutical manufacturers to complete the identification of raw materials,packaging materials, intermediate products,products to be packaged and finshed products on site.The fully automated one-destructive sampling design with one-click align-and-measure allows rapid (within seconds) identification of various substances through transparent sealed packages,minimizing the risks of contamination and exposure.TruGuarder can help pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet the quality supervision requirements of the whole process of drug production and achieve the goal of high-quality products in the global industrial chain without increasing the time and management cost of each link.
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  • COSO
  • 9027300090

Product application areas:
identification of incoming raw and subsidiary materials
API identification and identification before feeding in production
Identification of API finished products
identification of plastic packaging materials
Fake medicine identification


Product Feature:
1Easy to use
optimized operation process and friendly interface design, automatic threshold setting and intelligent algorithm without manual intervention, so that operators without professional knowledge background can learn to use within half an hour
fully automatic one-key The non-destructive sampling design of the point-and-measure, point-and-measure, and qualification "pass/fail" conclusion can be obtained in seconds. With only a few samples, new, stable and reliable matching identification methods can be established in minutes, continuously updating identification capabilities.
High spectral resolution and advanced multiple spectral analysis algorithms enable even substances with only minor differences (such as isomers) to be accurately identified, completely eliminating counterfeit and inferior raw materials.
The powerful intelligent analysis software enables the detection of materials that cannot be analyzed or identified by Raman using the traditional HQI algorithm. The unique intelligent algorithm minimizes human interference in the identification process.
5High sensitivity
The unique optical design enables the analytical instrument to provide more sensitive detection capabilities than conventional Raman spectrometers without any aids or auxiliary methods, so that it can detect samples that cannot be detected by conventional Raman spectrometers.

6StandardizedA well-designed user interface ensures that the analytical instrument complies with current pharmaceutical manufacturing practices. Three-level user authority management ensures the standardization of instrument operation and data security. An electronic tracking system ensures that all traces of instrument operation are traceable, supporting 21 CFR Part 11 compliance requirements.

7Take photos for evidence

It has the function of taking pictures, which can take pictures of the tested samples and store them for subsequent query.

8Touch screen and physical keys

The humanized touch screen works in conjunction with the physical key, which significantly improves the convenience and identification efficiency of instrument operation.

9Customized Service

Adhering to the concept of meticulously serving users, we provide a customized graphic and textual report (including test data QR code, sample photo and spectrum) service according to user needs.

10The powerful detection capabilities brought by high sensitivity, high spectral resolution and powerful intelligent algorithms enable TruGuarder to detect the new antimalarial drug Artemether that cannot be detected by conventional Raman spectrometers. 


Spectral Region
170~3200cm-¹ External Power 120~240VAC,1.5A
Spectral Resolution
~7.5~10.5cm-¹ Camera Dual Cameras(8MP,2MP HD Cameras)
Activating Wavelength 785nm±0.5LineWidth2cm-¹ Net Work
Laser Power 10mW~400mW Multi-Level Adjustable  Data Transmission Two export methods of Wifi and USB
Sampling Time Auto Exposure Dsiplay 4.7inch HD Display
Weight <750g HMI Multi-Touch screen .Physical Key
Dimension 16.5*8.5*3.5cm(L*W*H) Data Format SPC, Text ,PDF
Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃ IP LEVEL IP65
Battery Rechargeabal lithium battery. WorkingTime≥6hours Standard 21 CFR Part 11, CE .RoHS





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