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X Ray Machine for Bulk Cargo
  • X Ray Machine for Bulk Cargo

X Ray Machine for Bulk Cargo

  • Model:

  • X ray power:

    maximum 100KV/150w
  • Inspection width/high:

  • Sensitivity:

    Stainless steel ball φ0.3mm ; stainles...
  • Conveyor Speed:

  • Output:

  • Detection Mode:

    Auto and manual
  • X-ray leak:

    < 1μSv/h
  • Power:

  • Construction material:

  • Product description:

    Mainly used in detecting bulk or loose materials, such as nuts, candy, food, capsule, tablet etc.

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1. Application 
XR-4011S X - ray detection machine, it is suitable for detecting of bulk or loose materials, such as nuts, candy, food, capsule, tablet etc. It is Used in food, medicine, chemical industry to detect metal and non metal unidentified objects. It can not only identify a variety of foreign body in products. Such as metal, bone, glass, ceramic, stone, hard rubber, hard plastic and so on, but also provide excellent detection of product integrity, identification of product defects.

2. Functions
A. Perfect report function
 Supporting product inspection report, operation inspection report, maintenance statistics report, alarm statistics report and so on. Supporting the report to the Excel; It can be connected to the SPC system; Supporting to generate reports in accordance with various conditions.
B.Animation status monitoring function
Supporting equipment alarm system; Can be connected to the upper FEMA system; If the device has something wrong, it can be displayed vividly  from the monitoring system.
C. Automatically save function
The image of test results can be saved automatically so that it’s convenient to find and compare.
D. Perfect software function
Advanced shielding function to ensure the best sensitivity of the detection.

3. Characteristics
A. Highly reliable security
a.  X ray leakage is less than 1 mu Sv/ hours, in line with the United States FDA standards and the European CE standards.
b. The amount of radiation for food is much lower than that of 1Gy, which is extremely safe.
c. Perfect safety protection structure, it effectively avoid the leakage accident caused by user operation.
B. Friendly man-machine interaction interface
a. 17 inches color touch screen, it is easy to accomplish human-computer dialogue.
b. It can set the detection parameters automatically, which greatly simplifies the operating procedures.
C. It is convenient to maintain and clean. The detection channel is waterproof and the IP grade is 66, and the rest of the structure in line with IP54 waterproof, it can be washed.
D. It has strong ability to adapt to the environment.With Germany industrial air conditioner, Ambient temperature is up to --40 degrees -10 degrees Celsius and can withstand the long-term high temperature or low temperature of food companies harsh production environment. Fully airtight cabinet, waterproof and dustproof. It is equipped with high performance dehumidifier and it can withstand external humidity up to 90%.
E. High configuration and high stability
The international brand is used in the main components of the equipment so that ensure the stability of the machine performance and service life.

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12 Months Guarantee
12 months free main parts change (Airmail the broken parts back first)
Overseas engineers available (Your part needs to pay for the travel expense)

All our machines can be customized , according to your product's features and your workshop environment, or your production line.

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Engineers available to provide after-sales service overseas in order to help customers solve technical problem


1. How long is your delivery time?
7-25 working days after receiving your payment.
2. Do you accept OEM?
Yes, we accept OEM.
3. What’s your main product?
Metal detector, metal separator, needle detector, checkweigher, X ray machine.
4. How is your after-sales service?
Engineers are available to provide after-sales service overseas in order to help customers solve technical problems.
5. Can you make products as customer’s needs?
Yes, we can. All of our products can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
6. Why choose us?
A. We have more than 10 years experience in this area.
B. The product design is humanized, intelligent, modular; The products are excellent performance, simple operation and maintenance, low cost.
C. Our excellent customers spread all over the world, and our products are chosen by many enterprises of Top 500.
7. Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are direct manufacturer. We have our own factory in Dongguan Guangdong, China. Welcome to our factory to visit.