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The Working Principle of X Ray Machine

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The x ray machine is a device for producing X light, which is mainly composed of the X light ball tube and the power supply of the X ray machine and the control circuit.

x ray machine (1)

When the power is turned on, the start button of the x ray machine is pressed and the whole machine starts to work. A pulse signal produced by a master controller, which is amplified by power and multiplies pressure to produce a x ray Yangji. The pulse signal produced by the same master control II is amplified to the x ray tube filament, so that the x ray tube produces x rays, and the corresponding value KV/ mu A. is displayed by the digital display panel. At this point the measured object is placed between the x ray source and the image intensifier, and the display screen, shows a clear image of the perspective. 

x ray machine

In order to make the x ray machine work reliably, the system adopts the pulse width modulation technology to keep the tube current and the tube voltage constant, and the X ray tube working at the best state. It has the function of high pressure and slow start, so that the X ray tube anode has no high pressure overshoot. The main controller uses microchip devices and works at 20KHz frequency to make the whole system more efficient and have comprehensive protection measures. In order to ensure the safety of the scenograph, the whole machine is equipped with a variety of protective devices to make it safe and reliable.

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