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Metal Separator for Sale

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It applies to plastic, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronic, electrical and other industries of raw materials, degraded materials, reclaimed materials for metal detection and separation.It is able to quickly detect and automatically separate iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal impurities from materials.It can also be installed on injection molding machine, extruder and other equipment.

metal separatormetal separator

Product features

1.Included detection coil and separation device, controller and host can not be separated, it’s easy

to install and operate.

2.Through the elimination system to eliminate quickly, it can reduce the loss of materials and does

not interfere with the normal production process.

3.A variety of apertures can be chosen, which can meet all practical applications,including product

specification,requests of sensitivity,working flow.

4.Detected material characteristics:Bulk material, dry, good flowability, powder particle

5.Quick connector and air tight flange can be chosen to achieve quick installation and disassembly

6.It’s compact and easy to install and integrate into existing pipelines conveniently

metal separator

We have a lot of metal separators in stock, welcome to inquiry and buy one!

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